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Seven Clean Eating Tips

Starting clean eating and maintaining it as a lifestyle is hard and overwhelming because there is so much information floating around the digital world! These SEVEN TIPS help you to organize the information and take action in changing your life for the healthier! I know because this is what I did and continue to do!


But how?!?! This is how. Download and print the Toxic Chemical Cheat Sheet from this link It is a list of chemicals in food, cleaning products, and beauty products that have been proven by the EPA or Material Safety Data Sheet as cancerous or hazardous! When I shop I check all the ingredients of everything that goes into my cart. Eventually I get to know products and shopping takes less time. But companies change their ingredients without having to tell us, so be sure to recheck every few months. 


One of the biggest challenges for me when I started cleaning eating was being away from home. It was easy to grab a candy bar from the gas station or run through a fast food drive-through because it was thoughtless and convenient. But being unhealthy is not convenient. Now I think ahead, and it has become my natural routine. I simple make sure each week as I grocery shop to buy organic fruits and veggies that do well traveling without much prep (i.e. bananas, apples, pears, carrots, cucumber slices, apple sauce pouches, etc.). I also think about easily portable protein snacks like organic cheese sticks, organic yogurt tubes (watch for sugar content), and organic nuts. And my kids LOVE carbs (what kids don't?) so I make sure to also have organic crackers, organic chips, and organic bread slices on hand. Sometimes I make a lunch. Sometimes I just pack well-rounded snacks. It has become an easy and doable routine!


Grab your favorite glass or stainless steel water bottle and keep filling it up with pure water! Hydration is the key to health no matter what we eat. It also curves appetite when we aren't really hungry, just thirsty. Drinking plenty of water helps with digestion and flushes toxins out of our system. We were made to drink water.


Avoid plastic as much as possible! Plastic leaches toxic chemicals into our drinks and food!  To learn more about harmful plastics in our food industry, check out our post on clean containers to see why avoiding plastic is just a good idea! 


One of the biggest challenges is distraction. If I only have clean organic foods in the house, than it's impossible for me to eat anything but that. So go through your cupboards, fridge, freezer, and pantry and ditch all the junk! It'll feel overwhelming at first, but once you start with a fresh new base of food, you'll be able to build a kitchen full of delicious and health benefiting meals and snacks. Worried about the money? Try returning all the unopened foods. Some stores will even let you return partially used cleaning products if you say you aren't satisfied with the products and it's ingredients!


There is no need to force everyone in your life to make this extreme life change. But it is completely okay to do it yourself. You don't need to explain or defend how you eat. It's your choice to eat an organic chocolate bar as oppose to fast food chicken nuggets and fries! We are often the odd ones out, but my family understands why we choose what we eat. They get it, and they aren't bummed when the other kids get packs of m&m's as a prize. Usually my kids take it, say thank you, and then give it away. They become a candy hero to their friends, and they take control of their health. Don't feel bad! My kids have plenty of candy treats just like the other kids do, but we are super picky about what's in those treats. Find YOUR new normal and confidently stick with it! 


This is a BIG life move. If doing all of this at once is up your alley, then go for it! Jump all in! If you've felt your heart racing with anxiety at the thought of all this, then take it one tip at a time. Remember, you CAN do this. You ARE worth the change. And to get the health you've never had before, you HAVE TO DO SOMETHING YOU'VE NEVER DONE BEFORE! 


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