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Move To A New Country And Clean Eat

Knowing that the move was coming a year and a half in advance, I spent a lot off thinking and praying about how in the world am I going to live a clean eating lifestyle in a place I can't speak or read?!?! Well, I want to encourage you because I can and I did.

Here is a list of ways to adapt to a clean eating lifestyle to a new country:

1. Don't freak out. Hard, I know. Especially with the highly processed plane food. Moving will only be a TEMPORARY hiccup in your clean eating life.

2. Plan ahead and do your best. I made and bought clean food for our 36 hours of travel to our new home, but they ran out. So, we made the best choices we could without compounding compromises. Yes, we knew there were hydrogenated oils in the food, but we weren't about to throw a coke on top of it too. Just do the best you can. 

3. Keep your eyes and ears open. Chances are, you have really good options for clean eating around you. People who don't clean eat will overlook most of them and may tell you they don't exist there. Don't believe it and have hope. Within a few weeks I found a very small organic store walking distance from my home where I buy my soaps, organic flour and organic milk from an import store, and grass fed salted butter from another import store. In those stores, the labels even had English! You can do it! Don't give up because it's hard.

4. Make it from scratch. Once you have settled a bit, enjoy the new adventure of cooking and baking...everything. We have found very few clean snacks that are pre made. Instead, I make it all. I find recipes I like and schedule each week when I make what. For example, every Saturday I make a huge batch of dough and freeze it in 7 different prices. Each morning I thaw the dough and let it rise. By the evening I can bake it and have fresh rolls for lunches the next day. We are super busy, but I make it happen!
5. Meal plan. In most countries, you have to go to several stores or veggie stands to get what you need for a single dinner. If you have your weekly meals planned out then you can easily plan to buy what foods and when. Our meals go like this, and each week is the same: MON- spaghetti, TUE- pancakes, WED- meat and potatoes, THU- tacos, FRI-homemade pizza, SAT- Dad's famous chicken nuggets and homemade French fries, SUN- leftovers. Yep, it's that easy. 

Also remember that clean eating is a learning lifestyle. Continue to thrive to improve your eating habits. I love learning new things about nutrient dense foods. I learn and adapt over and over again. You can do it! Don't give up!


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