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Clean Easter Egg Dye

I love that the life style of clean eating does not stop us from doing fun things with our kids. Actually, it puts it on a whole new level of fun and education. My kids had a blast dying eggs from dyes made from food, and we avoided the dangerous chemicals in artificial food coloring. This was my first time dying eggs this way. I used spinach for green (which didn't turn out), red cabbage for blue, curry powder for yellow, and orange pekoe tea for brown. I didn't have anything in the house to make the red dye, but we used what was on hand and had fun.

All I did was boil the ingredients and add vinegar to help the egg shell absorb the dye (adding vinegar to the red cabbage makes it bright pink, but it dries blue on the egg). Once the dyes cooled a bit, I strained them and put them into bowls. Then just submerge the eggs as usual.  As you can see, the eggs turn out a pretty pastel color.

For more color options and how to, check out this site:

Happy Easter! He is Risen!


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